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Egypt Travel Assistance
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The land of pharaohs, fascinating legends, ancient civilizations and amazing temples, Egypt is one of the world’s greatest and most captivating countries.
Egypt enjoys a strategic location in North Africa close to the Middle East. Officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, it borders Libya to the west, Sudan to the south, and Israel
and the Gaza Strip to the east via the Sinai Peninsula and a land bridge that crosses the Suez Canal. It is, however, far from landlocked. Its north coast is lapped by the
Mediterranean, while its lower east coast and south Sinai lie alongside the Red Sea.
Egypt has four distinct areas. The Nile Delta, itself, is a stretch of land that fans out north from a point close to Cairo where the Nile splits into smaller flows of water, reaching a stretch of coastline that runs from Alexandria to Port Said. At the coast the waters of the Nile flow into the Mediterranean. Along the coastline are the towns and cities of El Alamein, famed for its Second World War battles and museums, along with Marsa Matruh and Sallum to the west of Alexandria, while to its east is the historic Rosetta, where the Rosetta Stone, an important artifact that was key to deciphering ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic writing, was discovered. Further along the coast is Damietta and Port Said.
Egypt is a unique blend of timeless fascination and modern approaches toHoliday-making which give it a very special place in the world of tourism.
Broadly speaking, tourist areas of Egypt can be divided into the Nile Valley,the Deserts and Oases, and the Red Sea and Sinai region.
Travelling between these areas is very easy, and it’s quite simple to book aholiday which combines very different experiences in one trip.
It’s no surprise that the Red Sea and Sinai is now one of the most popularand fastest growing tourism destinations in the world.
As well as the peaceful sun and sand holiday, there’s a huge range of activities on hand including world-famous diving, desert trips, climbing, golf, and national parks – to name a few!
It has something for everyone – and the friendly atmosphere and wide range of activities means that it has become particularly popular with families.