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Breast Cosmetic what is IPL & laser hair removal?

Excessive or unsightly body hair can be upsetting for both men and women and difficult or inconvenient to remove. Laser hair removal is a rapid, yet gentle way of removing unwanted hair, and is medically proven to give you permanent hair reduction.

Why laser hair removal?

  • Laser hair removal can result in permanent removal of unwanted hair. Statistics show that 60-95% of targeted hair is permanently gone after the recommended course of treatments.
  • Laser hair removal is an effective treatment for ingrown hairs. No more irritating skin and red bumps caused by those ingrown hairs we are all affected by.
  • Laser hair removal procedure is much shorter than other methods such as electrolysis. Advancements in technology means you are able to carry on with your daily routine straight away with no down time.
  • The procedure is virtually painless.
  • No more shaving or waxing! Someone can shave 11,540 times in one lifetime - with statistics like this it is easy to see why anyone would like to remove unwanted hair permanently.
  • Laser hair removal is carried out by our fully qualified Cosmetic doctors who are specialized and highly experienced in carrying out laser hair removal treatments. As the laser is passed over the area being treated, the hairs are destroyed, reducing further growth and leaving a silky smooth feel even on sensitive skin.
  • in our clinic we can provide laser hair removal treatments for a wide variety of different hair and skin types and colour. We can now treat blonde, grey, white & vellus hair.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of hair and skin types.
Your initial consultation:

Breast Cosmetic If you decide you want to find out more, the next step is to come in for a consultation. This is your opportunity to meet one of our highly trained laser nurses, ask them any questions you might have and discuss what you want to achieve from your hair removal treatments. The laser-trained nurse will determine your skin type and the kind of hair you have and make sure the IPL or Laser technique is right for you. Then they’ll create a treatment programme tailored specifically to your needs. A ‘patch test’ will also be performed. This is to determine how sensitive your skin is to the treatment and also to establish the right IPL or laser energy settings. You will also be advised not to expose the target area to the sun or use sun beds for at least four weeks before your treatment. At this consultation we’ll check some basic details and explain a few simple requirements. For instance, if you’re having hair removed from the bikini line or armpit, we’ll ask you to wear white underwear, as coloured underwear can be affected by the IPL or laser light energy. We’ll also ask you to sign a consent form to show that you agree to the procedure and understand what it involves. If you decide to go ahead with the treatment, we’ll arrange an appointment for you at a suitable time. If at any stage you have any questions, we’ll do our best to answer them and help in any way we can.


How it works.
IPL (intense pulse light) and laser hair treatment works best at removing hair when it’s in the active growth phase. But not all the hair in the treatment area will be in this phase at any given time. So we spread our IPL& laser treatments out over a period of time. This is to make sure that hair which isn’t treated in one session is affected in the next. The way hair grows is slightly different for everyone, so we tailor our treatment to suit you. The Chromolite-ep has a unique Dual Phase Pulse which is designed to provide more efficient destruction of hair follicles than a standard IPL& laser. It removes hair by sending out high-energy light pulses. Laser hair removal systems use directed light to target the hairs beneath your skin, and do not result in scarring or painful side-effects. Laser hair removal can target all areas of the body and is suitable for men and women who wish to remove unwanted hair in areas such as the face, neck, underarms, arms and legs. Advances in laser hair removal systems mean it’s now possible to treat more types of hair than ever before, including lighter hair colours and vellus hairs. - Since first treatment don’t try to remove your hair by anyway. Only shaving may accept but it’s better to avoid for optimum effect.

Breast Cosmetic How many sessions for how long ??

Commonly, six to eight treatment sessions are needed to provide a permanent reduction of hair growth. This is because at any given time some of the follicles in the treatment area won’t be in the growth phase. We spread our treatments out to make sure that hair that isn’t treated in one session is affected in the next. Facial hair tends to be more stubborn and may need ten to twelve treatment sessions or occasionally more in very resistant cases. The gap between sessions is usually four weeks for facial areas and six weeks for body areas. The number of hair removal sessions depends on various factors, including where the hair is, how thick it is and also your particular skin type and hair colour. For the best results we recommend that you complete the full series of treatment sessions. Our laser-trained nurses can answer all your questions and offer support. Each session take about 30 min.

Your treatment programme:

The hair removal procedure itself is very straightforward. You’ll lie on a couch or bed and make yourself comfortable. As a safety measure, you’ll be asked to wear some eye protection, which the doctor will also wear. The laser-trained doctor runs the Chromolite-ep, a small handheld unit, slowly over the specified area. You might feel a slight burning and tingling sensation. Sometimes the skin swells or reddens slightly, depending on which part of your body is being treated. Afterwards we’ll apply cooling air to the area to minimise any discomfort. Treatment times vary depending on the person and the area being treated.

after your treatment:

For the first few days after your treatment you should apply aloe Vera gel to soothe the affected area. Also, a sun-cream of at least SPF30 should be applied to expose treated areas every day for at least four weeks, regardless of the weather. You shouldn’t expose the treated area to the sun or use sun beds for at least four weeks before and after treatment.

Are there any risks?

- Most patients are satisfied with their Laser or IPL procedure.There may be some redness and swelling after the treatment but this usually only lasts one or two days. Sometimes there can be an increase or loss of pigmentation (colouring) in the skin. In a very small number of cases the skin’s texture may change slightly. IPL& laser very rarely cause scarring.