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Egypt Travel Assistance
How Can We Help you?
To provide you integrated health services and total security during the surgical and any procedure, all the hospitals, private clinics and medical centres we have selected are the best and at the forefront of medical services.
Offering patients access to the most technologically-advanced and specialized medical practices – in line with world-class ‘best practice standards’ – our Group has established a number of specialized Clinics and hospitals of Excellence. Our network of internationally accredited hospitals provides treatments at reasonable rates and without any waiting lines.
We audit and organize every step of your treatment through our highly qualified case managers who are medical professionals and well trained on medical tourism.
All our hospitals, private clinics and medical centers are certified and highly recommended by foreign agencies, consulates, international insurance companies, embassies, etc.
All of them have been accredited to international standards of quality.
We have inspected every hospital, centre and accommodation venue, and known personally to all the key person and are regular in touch with them; so we can confidently say that you will get better quality and service that you would have at home.
 If you would like to know more about the technology and equipment we use, please feel free to contact our customer service representative. If you would like to see additional pictures of our facilities, once again, please contact us and we will send you more. It is very important to us that you feel as comfortable as possible when choosing treatment at Egypt Med International
Our clinics and hospitals provide you:
-Room in total comfort with air-conditioned, telephone, and cable TV.
-Fully equipped operation rooms, pre-anesthesia and post-anesthesia  recovery units, with all the services.
-Intensive therapy units.
-All kinds of laboratories.
-The latest technology in image diagnosis.
-Modern anesthesia  machines and monitoring
-Dedicated Anesthesiologist team.
-All of the necessary equipment and apparatus to assure the ventilation, asepsis, antisepsis and sterilization of all of the areas, equipment and instruments used in the clinic.
-A complete medical team with solid international medical training, supported by highly-qualified and well-trained nursing personnel, and permanent staff willing to offer warm, efficient attention to the patient.
-An ideal environment for effective healthcare.
-Consulting rooms for doctors in private practice and a one-stop service for patients.
-Clean, calm and quiet ambience.
-Spacious corridors and bathrooms - wheel chair compatible.
-Food - Hygienic, high quality - Egyptian and Continental.
-Our hotels are all covered by a network of emergency doctors. Our emergency call center is working 24/7. And our doctor is available within 10-15 minute after your call.