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Egypt Travel Assistance
How Can We Help you?

Is a pre-consultation necessary?

Besides the preliminary consultation of your file offered by Egypt Med International, we recommend that you consult one or two surgeons of your choice in your own country before taking your decision

How does post operation care take place ?

After the operation and during the period of convalescence and recovery, each patient will be seen at least twice by the surgeon.Egypt Med International will provide a trained nurse who will carry out all post operation care. We will also provide you with the medication prescribed by your surgeon after the operation. Stitches will be removed before departure. For certain operations, it is not always necessary to remove them. After the operation, your surgeon will give you the advice to follow for you to obtain the best aesthetic results from your surgery. If need be, Egypt Med International and your surgeon will indicate doctors or surgeons in your own country who will provide follow up.Your surgeon and Egypt Med International are always available to answer any queries

Do I have to spend a week in Egypt to undergo my operation ?

One week is the minimum period indispensable for correct post operatory careIf I have to be accompanied, who pays for this?If you wish to be accompanied by a member of your family or a friend, they come at their own expense.Can I undergo two or three operations at the same time?If you wish to carry out several operations at the same time, your surgeon will confirm what is feasible and how much time is necessary. You can save up to 40% on two operations in the same specialty.

How long in advance to I have to book my stay?

As soon as you have an available date, reserve immediately. Early booking permits the best planning for the operation.Do I need a visa for Egypt?A valid passport is sufficient. Your visa is obtained on arrival to the airport.

What kind of pre-medical examinations must I do beforehand and are they included in the general expenses ?

For all medical interventions, a complete blood analysis is necessary.

  • Blood formula
  • Blood group
  • Haemostasis
  • Urea
  • Glycaemia
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • HIV

For a breast surgery, a mammography is necessary (this can be done in Egypt ). For eye surgery, an ophthalmology examination is required. For patients over 50, a cardiogram is required. And For dental implants, an OPG is required.These preliminary examinations must be made by your own doctor and are not included in the tariffs. As a first step, they are essential to us so that we can confirm that there are no medical reasons for not undergoing the operation. They will complete the medical file that will be presented to your surgeon and anesthetist during the pre-operatory examination

What happens if i do not speak arabic?

Language is not a problem. From your first contact with us you will have available bilingual personnel that will help you permanently throughout the process. Once you arrive to the airport for, one of our bilingual team members will be waiting for you and will help you in all the activities during your trip.

What Communication methods will I have available during my stay in Bogota?

Each of our patients will receive a SIM card (cell phone line) for local calls. This will allow our users to contact our team at any time during the day or night until they return back home safely. On the other hand, each patient will have access to international calls at the hotel where she/he stays at. (International calls costs are covered by the patient).

Is it possible to have nurse car during the post-operative period?

Yes, this is an available service that Egypt Med International provides with its general staff. Each of our nurses is qualified and has experience in home care and recovery of our patients.HOW CAN I PAY FOR MY SURGERY? Before traveling to Egypt you should pay 30% of the package total amount. This payment will cover all the arrangements previous to the arrival, to provide you with a safe and comfortable stay in the country. The remaining 70% should be paid before the surgery.

Does the team of surgeons that will operate me have experience ?

Egypt Med International has the most experienced team of Egyptian surgeons and doctors.

What happens if I need to postpone my trip and my plastic surgery in Colombia?

If the patient has prepaid the initial 30% of the value of the treatment, he/she can ask for the treatment/surgery to be programmed again on a later time. Egypt Med International will keep the initial quote for a period of three months. After this period, Egypt Med International reserves the right to perform a new price quote on the initial package offered.

What happens if I want to extend or shorten my stay in egypt?

If a patient needs to prolong his/her stay in Egypt due to recommendation of the Egypt Med International medical team, Egypt Med International is prepared to prolong the stay without any problem and the hotel cost per day will be exactly the same as previously arranged for prior days. If additional therapies and medicines are required the patient will be responsible of these costs. If the patient would like to prolong his/her stay in Egypt for tourism reasons, we can also help with all the logistics. Finally if the patient wishes to leave Egypt earlier than planned, he should be authorized by the assigned surgeon/physician. If regardless of the recommendations of our surgical team, the patient insists in leaving earlier than planned, Egypt Med International will not be responsible for the consequences.

Can I choose the hotel where I will be staying during my plastic surgery in Colombia?

Egypt Med International we offer some hotel options that we consider most appropriate for our patients after their treatment/surgery. We have agreements with these hotels which provide us with special rates. However the patient takes the final decision and he/she is free to choose the hotel.

Should I take my descision based only on prices?

When deciding to perform a surgery or other treatments in Egypt, prices are definitely an important issue. However; based on our experience at Egypt Med International we can say that it is not the most important issue. Treatments and surgical results as well as safety of our patients are the most important. Only the best professionals can provide such results. Infrastructure and clinical practices are also an important factor to consider. At Egypt Med International you will find treatments and surgeries at low cost without sacrificing quality and experience.

Can I trust the physicians that will attend me?

Egypt Med International only works with the best board-certified physicians in the country. They are subjected to a very strict recruitment process based on extensive background checks. The patient is welcome to review the CV / resume of the physician.

What happens if there are complications?

In Egypt, the law requires all patients to sign an agreement to state that he/she will undergo surgery on his/her own free will. If any problems arise and the treatment needs to be changed, the physician will inform you of your options so you will be able to make the best decision. If for some reason you are not able to make a decision, the physician will discuss the matter with the person you have assigned as your guardian.You will be kept informed at all times and, if necessary, we will offer you the possibility of asking for a second opinion from another professional. Although complications are rare, they are possible and it is very important you are abreast on all complications and side effects. At Egypt Med International, we strive to avoid any and all complications. However, in the event of something, please know that we will do everything possible to eliminate the complication to the best of our ability.