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Breast Cosmetic What is facial fillers?

Facial filler injections are a very popular choice for restoring the lost volume and filling deep lines and creases that occur naturally over time. These wrinkle fillers are tiny painless injections that work simply by adding volume exactly and precisely where it's needed for a smooth finish. Popular areas for filling lines and creases . Fillers can also be used purely aesthetically, to add contours to define and enhance certain facial features, such as the cheekbones or for lip enhancement.

why facial fillers?

A dermal filler procedure helps to 'fill out' and smooth away troublesome:

  • Nose to Mouth Grooves
  • Forehead Lines
  • Frown Furrows
  • Lipstick Lines
  • Acne Pits
  • Crows Feet
facial fillers (nose to mouth lines):

Dermal fillers can be used to smooth out lines and wrinkles, while plumping up the skin. We have a wide range to choose from depending on your needs.

facial fillers (cheeks):

There are all kinds of dermal fillers that can add volume to the face, smooth out fine lines and reduce the signs of aging.

Breast Cosmetic Materials used for facial fillers recently:

Currently, fillers containing hyaluronic acid like Restylane and Juvederm have captured the attention of consumers and physicians in Europe, North America, South America and Australia, because it is characterized by its satisfactory results for wide range of patients.

Patient Evaluation and Selection:

Facial fillers can be at any age group for both males and females. With aging, nose,the lips ,perioral ,cheeks, nose to mouth line , may present with perioral radial grooves and a decrease in the volume and contour. In this case Physical examination is very important in facial fillers to demonstrate what is needed for your case.

Breast Cosmetic Risks and side effects:

- Most patients are satisfied with their facial fillers procedure and would undergo the treatment again. -Common reactions can range from redness, swelling or itching at the injection site(s). This should quickly subside to reveal your full and plump cheeks, lip, nose to mouth line. Other possible complications The usual, expected swelling and bruising can last from several days to a week.

Technique & results

Injected facial fillers for enhancement are administered by our experienced Doctors, Filling may be quite painful for patients so we can apply spray local anesthesia, also we use a special kind of syringe made for facial filling. No limits for hyaluronic acid injection, depending on each case requirement to reach the optimum perfection, facial enhancement procedures provide immediate results that should last for up to six months after which time you may need a top-up to maintain the volume. The treatment takes as little as 30 minutes.