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Egypt Travel Assistance
How Can We Help you?
“We offer the highest standard medical and wellness services in a luxurious relaxing environment and at a competitive affordable price.”
As a one stop shopping solution EMI provides, facilitates and packages specialized medical treatment and surgeries for overseas patients and combine it with tourism and hospitality. Our task is to give the finest personalized service from the moment our patient leaves home till returning back home safely and satisfied with continuation of follow up as needed. Thus, we are determined to fulfill all the needs of our patients and give them the unforgettable experience of healing in paradise.
EMI started the business in cooperation with Egypt In-Touch Assistance Company EIA. EIA is the first ISO9001:2008 certified Assistance Company specialized in offering medical & non-medical assistance services all over Egypt. EIA is the market leader in claim handling, third party administration TPA and Travel assistance.
EMI priority is the quality of the medical care, thus we are performing medical treatments in our network of accredited hospitals which are equipped with state of the art technologies and implementing the highest quality standards. Our medical team of surgeons and medical professionals has an impressive academic background (consultants) with international reputation and accreditation. Also EMI’s health care consultants are actively involved in monitoring the patient’s care.
Egypt Med International has developed a comprehensive medical travel management program to coordinate a variety of medical travel services from basic medical consultations to full service treatments. The comprehensive management program brings together a consortium of qualified physicians/surgeons and medical facilities.
Our job is connecting patients to healthcare facilities, as their primary concern is quality of care. Carefully screened hospitals are selected based on their quality of care, procedural availability and pricing.